Holiday Baking Ideas

Here at SoBakeable we spend countless hours in the kitchen deciding on the perfect recipes to ship to you each month. Winter has arrived and that chill in the air means we need something warm with lots of holiday cheer! Here are some ideas from our past desserts, we hope you can take some inspiration from them!

Nothings says Christmas like Christmas cookies! Try adding a dash of peppermint extract to your favorite sugar cookie recipe or decorate them with peppermint candy canes to add a little festive flavor!

We’ve made this mint cookie cake, we think it has the perfect flavors for this time of year – chocolate & mint – yum!


Molasses & Ginger
Gingerbread cookies give you that sweet & spicy warmth, perfect for this chilly time of year. Arrange your gingerbread cookies in unique ways, like our cookie wreath – perfect for sharing!


A tasty spiced loaf or bundt cake is the perfect thing to finish off a Christmas lunch or for when the family pops around for tea! Sweet, with a spicy warmth – it’s perfect for sharing too!


Hot Chocolate
Take inspiration from around you! There is nothing better to warm up your winter than a delicious hot chocolate. We’ve turned this drink into something rich & edible with our hot chocolate cookie cups.


Let us know your holiday baking ideas!

The SoBakeable Team

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