Learn to bake with SoBakeable


We created SoBakeable to share our love of baking with you! Whether you’re a beginner baker, or someone who loves to bake – we want you to have the best baking experience possible! Every month, our subscribers bake something spectacular with us & for many of them, it’s the first time they’ve ever attempted it. We’re here to teach you how to bake something that looks fancy & tastes even better! When you bake & decorate with us, it’s your creativity that results in a creation that’s uniquely your own!

With any new hobby, there are tools & equipment that you will already need to have. For cooking, it’s things like – pots, pans & utensils. The fancy gadgetry is added to your collection as you learn to master new techniques. It’s the same with baking, you’d need things like – baking sheets, cake pans, parchment paper & a mixer (hand-beaters are perfect too). When you subscribe to SoBakeable, you’ll use the equipment you have with our baking box to create your beautiful bakes!

Here are two subscribers sharing their SoBakeable experience:


“I’m not a professional (…intermediate or confident) baker at all & I’m really only an occasional cook, when I have time. Admittedly, I’d never baked before I discovered SoBakeable. I’m engineer in a fast-paced industry & I like to find creative ways to enjoy my down-time. The idea of SoBakeable as a baking lesson in a box really appealed to me & I like that everything I need is included in the box. I subscribed & received the Spring Cream Puff Tower box. I wasn’t sure if I could bake something that looked so extraordinary & wondered if it would look like the pictures! SoBakeable’s detailed instruction booklet & the awesome video tutorials on their app made it easy for a beginner baker like me to create these cream puffs! When I shared these with my friends, they were impressed with my new-found baking skills & raved about how delicious they are.”



“I’ve always enjoyed baking & it’s great to bring a cake or a batch of cupcakes to share when I get together with my friends or family. Recently, I’ve been baking with my boyfriend & I’m so happy that he enjoys spending time in the kitchen with me! Maybe it’s because he gets to taste as we bake, but we’re both learning new baking skills. My favorite baking box so far has been the Decadent Chocolate Tarts & it made a gorgeous batch of 6, which were very decadent & shareable as they were a generous size. With this box, we learned how to make shortcrust pastry, an AMAZING chocolate filling & pretty chocolate shards to decorate. I also got a scraper to keep, as well as the molds for my tart shells. I can’t wait to make more chocolate shards to decorate a cake or cupcakes with & the scraper is handy too! I just received the Salted Caramel Brownies box & I can’t wait to bake & find an occasion to share them – every box serves up to 12!”


We’re so happy to have inspired our subscribers to spend time in the kitchen, learning new skills & doing what they love. Baking with a friend, your kids, spouse or grandkids is a great way to bond & create new food memories together. Since every SoBakeable creation is designed to serve up to 12 people, there’s always a special event or Birthday celebration that will be made even sweeter when you show up to the party! The SoBakeable box includes everything you’ll need to get baking & will encourage your creativity in the kitchen.

Subscribe for a monthly SoBakeable baking experience… enjoy some temptation in the form of our Cookies ‘n Creme mini cake donuts, available now!

The SoBakeable Team

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