The joy of baking, delivered to your door

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SoBakeable was born:
When we came up with the idea of SoBakeable, it was originally sparked by the thought of having a baking club. You’d get together with friends & bake something amazing every time you’d meet! But, who has enough oven space to bake a dozen cakes!? Not us! So that was the start of SoBakeable! Instead of meeting in person to bake your beautiful goodies, you’ll follow along with recipe videos, photos & instructions (almost like being in the same kitchen!), sharing the excitement of a gorgeous treat with us & your friends with #SoBakeable.

But why do you need the box?
Well, have you ever seen an amazing recipe you just have to try?! It happens to us all the time! Then, we open our pantry and realize we’re missing one key ingredient, oh & our baking powder has been open longer than 6 months! So, off to the grocery store we go, all for one tiny teaspoon. Then, there are those ingredients that are hard to come by, so you spend your time searching high & low, maybe you even have to specially order it! This is not the fun part of baking! So, we decided to make things easy, save you time & reduce wastage! Everything we send you is delivered right to your door & ready to use. All you need are 3 pantry essentials, the ones you generally always have – milk, butter & eggs.

What’s actually inside the box?
Everything you’ll need for the recipe of the month! The recipe card is included with detailed, step by step instructions. No more one liners that leave you questioning if your mixture is right! Photos of each step will help you make sure you know what the recipe is asking you to do & extra links to our blog explain extra steps that you may not be sure of, like how to fill a piping bag. There’s is also a video of each month’s recipe so you can get an idea what you’ll be doing in your kitchen!

The exact ingredients, measured & weighed are included to make it super easy & save you time. We want you to spend more time on the fun stuff! All you’ll need to add are your own milk, butter & eggs.

When the recipe requires piping bags, palette knives & scrapers – we know you may not have these things lying around! That’s why every special tool required for that month’s recipe, will be included in the box for you to keep! Create a collection of awesome baking tools, find new ways to use them & enjoy them!

The best part?! It’s all delivered right to your door 🙂

Order/Subscribe to join the fun!

We can’t wait to see you in the kitchen!

The SoBakeable Team

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